wu juehui

wu juehui

Wu is a media artist who teaches at the School of Intermedia Art and the China Academy of Art. He is also a co-founder at UFO Media Lab.

Wu focuses on cross-border-amalgamation, concerning interactive art, bio-art, media theater etc. to show the plurality of art creation. Wu’s saying that ‘Art as the antimatter of science and technology.’ shows his perspective upon the relation between art and science.

Wu has participated in many national and international media art exhibitions and festivals, such as EYEBEAM Annual Showcase, ZERO1 Biennial, International Triennial of New Media Art, Synthetic Times, Shanghai Biennale, SHIFT- Electronic Arts Festival among others.


Interview with Wu Juehui 

Rattle Snake

Bit Tower 2019

Offline Eye 2016

Atom Snail 2015

Westbund Museum Opening Shanghai 2020