Today we had a wonderful late lunch with the Founders of the Fresco project, Roy Huang and Ting Liu.

Fresco is a blockchain project that deals with Artworks and has many parallels to our own, both in purpose and approach.  It was super refreshing to meet people facing the same challenges as us and doing it with such style.  Roy has mountains of energy and is bursting with ideas. We were super impressed by their community building work and their strategies for offering value creation to museums and galleries who are strugglingling to keep their visitor numbers alive to stay viable.   Like us, their primary concern is not how to monetiye art but how to increase the vibrancy of the art world, and get more art into the lives of everyday people.  There was no sense of rivalry, more a sense of mutual support as we talked about ways to work together and synergise our projects, perhaps even airdropping tokens to each others communities.  Keep up the great work Roy and Ting, we are rooting for the success of Fresco!  Stay tuned for more news of how we will work together.