The YAIR Triangular Challenge

Contribute a triangular background for the YAIR banner and receive 100 YAIR Tokens

We are seeking to build a community of art lovers to become owners and participants of The YAIR collection.   We have made our online banner into a community art project.  It is a chance to share your art and your reality and become part of the YAIR Commuity.

We want to put tokens into the hands of an art aware crowd in order to create the dynamic needed to sustain our vision of democratized and accessible art.

Have you got an eye for Art?  Would you like to be part of our community?

Gift us a small piece of your art and we will gift you a portion of YAIR tokens.


The Challenge and Reward

We invite you to sketch, render, animate, paint or photograph a triangular form.  Send it in to us and if we like it we will include as a background to our homepage HERO banner seen above.  The backgrounds rotates every 6 seconds.

We will make a gift of 10 YAIR tokens to every person who submits a background and if we select your triangular form for our banner, not only will you receive your 6 seconds of fame on a rotating basis, you will also be rewarded with 100 YAIR tokens, which you will later be able to brand with up to 100 original artworks from the collection.

Each token will be an access key to original digital art.  It will also be a small equity share of the artwork ownership.

Become an art collector with us.  Earn art with your own art and join our growing community.

If you are up for the challenge and like the idea of a gift of art rcheck the submission requirements below, find or create a triangular form and send it in.

Submission Requirements

Your submission needs to be in jpg, png or gif format.  It needs to be large enough to be cropped into a landscape format (2:1) and have enough content surrounding the triangular form to accommodate being cropped to the white area shown surrounding the triangle form below.  Recommended is 2000 by 1000 pixels.  This is not a requirement but the surrounding area must be covered.

It must be an original work from you.  You must supply a name and email address.


We shall keep a record of all submissions and emails.  As soon as our tokens and wallet ecosystem is finalised we will send you instructions on claiming your tokens given for the YAIR Triangular challenge.

Submit your Triangular Form