Today team YAIR had an interview with Cosima Justus from Berlin Valley startup culture magazine. We had a great chat about our kickass platform and where we see the art market in 10 years. In short we see great art in the hands of people everywhere rather than hidden in private collections.  We can’t wait for Cosimas article to come out.  Thanks for the support Berlin Valley.

After the interview we checked out the art on offer at Martin Gropius Bau.  We were blown away by the 3d video work called “Nightlife” from Cyprien Gaillard: a 10 minute piece filled with wrything plantlife in slow motion, gesturing and undulating in a hypnotic dance from some surreal parallel slow motion reality, set to a tortured phase affected soul song.  It was a trancelike experience that left us wanting more.  A must see!  This is the kind of art we are building the YAIR platform for.  We want everyone to experience this mind bending shit.  We would love to work with Cyprien Gaillard and more we cannot say right now.

The whole “Welt ohne Außen” exhibition on the top floor was fascinating, especially the “smellovision” exhibit and the VR piece about solitary confinement.

Phillippe Parreno on the ground floor was also an amazing glitchy psychedelic wonderland.  It’s some of the best artwork we’ve seen.