Flo and Rufus spent the week in Sofia, Bulgaria at blockchain startup bootcamp.

YAIR was one of 17 teams selected from a pool of over 100, to participate in the “genesis week” incubator program run by Aeternity Ventures. We spent a fascinating week participating in workshops from “Game Theory and Token Economics”, to the “Lean Startup Methodolgy” to constucting the perfect pitch.  The Pitch Doctor, Chris Sollich, was our favourite presenter and he had as belly laughing while learning, which is educational gold.  Check him out in action at SXSW pitching Berlin

Apart from getting to know the Aerternity team and their awesome blockchain platform, genesis week was great as we formed first hand relationships with the other teams in the incubator program.  It is wonderful to talk ideas with those in the same space, who pick them up immediately and give useful feedback.  What a great crew of people we connected with.  Thankyou Aeternity and all the teams for the opportunity.

The greatest outcome of the week is that we were one of 7 teams finally selected to receive mentoring and financial support for our project from Aeternity moving forward.  We are part of a great tribe of revolutionary thinkers now!