About YAIR


YAIR is a platform where world renowned media artists and passionate collectors come together to make new artworks reality. Dive into an unrevealed, exclusive collection of art and become a patron of future works. Our App provides free access to all artworks directly in the app or via casting to your TV.


The YAIR platform offers precommitment for blockchain secured artwork tokens we call Participation Rights Tokens (PaRTs). Each artwork at this exhibition and each artwork published on YAIR have their own unique supply of tokens (PaRTS) soon available for purchase and collection.


Empower free digital access and support individual artworks & artists worldwide!


Buying artwork tokens on the YAIR APP doesn’t only make you a valuable member of an avant-garde community of art patrons but you will also become one of the first generation ‘2.0’ collectors. The digital blockchain powered art era start today.


How does it work? YAIR is putting digital art to work. The Intellectual Property (IP) for each artwork will be monetised via licensing and other alternative future market opportunities. Profits generated are going to be shared to Artwork Token owners which includes artists, galleries and collectors.


Why? We are not seeking to disrupt an existing market, but rather we are creating new opportunities to add value for the existing art community and all future generations to come. Our model is an opportunity for artists to earn from dynamic exhibitions and other commercial use of their artwork, such as licensing of their IP. The artworks IP is the prime asset that can now be monetised and regulated in a transparent and fair way via YAIR.


For Artists, the token funding model, and tradable participation rights to future profits empower them to the next level of creative vision and global exposure. Additionally pre-commissioning artworks via crowdfunding is a powerful new possibility that YAIR is opening up.


Become a collector of artwork IPs embodied in blockchain tokens and support art that you love.


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