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YAIR is a platform where world renowned media artists and passionate collectors come together to make new artworks reality. Dive into an unrevealed, exclusive collection of art and become a patron of future works. Free access to all artworks directly in the app or via casting to your TV.


The YAIR platform offers precommitment for blockchain secured artwork tokens we call Participation Rights Tokens (PaRTs). Each artwork at this exhibition and each artwork published on YAIR have their own unique supply of tokens (PaRTS) soon available for purchase and collection.


How does it work?  YAIR is putting digital art to work. The Intellectual Property (IP) for each artwork will be monetised via licensing and other alternative future market opportunities. Profits generated are going to be shared to the PaRTs holders which includes artists, galleries and collectors.


Empower free digital access and support individual artworks & artists worldwide!

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Our extensive solution for tokenizing media artwork IPs is based on a fast and secure 3rd generation blockchain


Granting free public access while securing the IP rights


Top artists, galleries and collectors are joining us to create a trusted platform for digital arts. We are building a technology driven platform using blockchain to effectively manage the future market of artwork IP licensing

Starting 09/2019

A new secure and decentralized standard for art.


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YAIR @ Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park,
Lohmühlenstraße 65, 12435 Berlin
(see on Google maps)

Telefon: +49(0) 1577 2187436
E-Mail: hello@yair.berlin

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