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Your Art Is Reality


Collectable digital art as secure tokens.


Great original art accessible from everywhere.


A game of collecting real art with  real stakes.

YAIR is building a curated, high end digital art collection accessible via an application that allow users  to own and trade tokens. Holding the tokens allows direct access to the artwork experience and is fractional ownership of the artwork.

Our MVP includes the YAIR Token, a token that is part of a fixed supply and can represent equity and provide access to a digital artwork from the collection.

Embodying the power of art in a liquid asset.

Great art produced by leading contemporary artists has undying and undeniable power and value.  YAIR takes the value of art and secures it with blockchain technology,  making it available to a global community of collectors, traders and enthusiasts.

YAIR works with great artists to produce digital artworks.  Each artwork exists exclusively embodied as a limited supply of crypto-tokens. Each token unlocks access to experience the artwork and is an equity percentage of the artwork itself.

The art is the token. The token is the product. The product is the art.

We work exclusively with digital art because by nature it can live on the blockchain.  We are working primarily with AR/VR artworks but also media arts such as photography and video art.

YAIR is producing a collection of artworks, embodied in a collection of token supplies.  Each token supply embodies a single digital artwork.

YAIR is a platform via which the artworks can be experienced by token holders, and the tokens can be purchased, collected and traded.

If you would like to know more, or get involved, reach out to us.


Originality and Scarcity

How is originality established in a world where file duplication takes moments and piracy is rampant?  How can a digital file be considered “original”?


Traditional art collection is a market of extreme illiquidity. We are opening up new pathways of investment in art.  


When a collector owns an artwork, how can they “show it off” in a public context? Display is a key human need.

Vulnerability and Life Expectancy

Digital files are easily copied, or subject to theft or damage if they are stored in a single location.  Blockchain enables decentralised storage and security. 

Artist Secondary Market Royalties

Typically once an artwork is sold, the original artist can no longer profit from the success of their work. 

Future Proofing

We are opening up pathways into a new field where world class artists and their vision cross over into rich new mediums. 


Traditionally even digital art has had trouble reaching a wider audience without being exposed to the pitfalls of mass reproduction.  


A token allows speed and ease of trading.  Artworks can be moved instantaneously from one hand to another.

“There are many things that excite me about Virtual Reality. As artists we can create anything”

– Jeff Koons

YAIR Artwork

A YAIR Artwork is an art experience produced via collaboration between a well known Artist and a production team.

YAIR Artwork are created especially for the YAIR Platform.  They are digital artifacts and will ONLY exist embodied as a limited token supply accessed via  the blockchain.

Access to view the artwork is granted to anyone that holds an artwork token from the supply that embodies that particular piece.

The names and creative achievements of the artists involved are the force that generates the primary value that the system is built on. The value of the project flows directly from value of artworks added.

YAIR Artwork Forms

YAIR artwork token supplies will be created to embody multiple digital art forms, including photography, media arts and AR/VR artworks created only for the YAIR platform.

A YAIR Artwork could be a video experience from a leading contemporary artists, visible on a smartphone or smart HD screen capable of running our application.

A YAIR Artwork could be a sculpture, photograph or painting that can be viewed in AR mode via a phone while standing in a room.  The user can walk around it and view it from all angles and distances including focusing on tiny details via their smartphone.

A YAIR Artwork could be a short immersive VR experience, viewed via a HMD such as an Oculus Rift.  The user may find themself standing on the surface of an alien Planet or seated as a guest at a surreal dinner party, or standing beside a great master as they work in their private studio.

A YAIR Artwork could be an augmented experience (AR), viewed through transparent goggles, like Windows Hololens or Magic Leap Goggles.  One could interact with an animated character, or witness an interactive scene unfolding in the room where they stand. One could view a sculpture standing in the room, and walk around it to appreciate all angles.

The YAIR Artwork may include aspects that have a physical nature, but the final artwork will be expressed only as a digital file package.

Alternatively the YAIR Artwork may be built directly in VR space and exists from conception to completion already as a digital artifact.

“Where it gets really interesting is the work that is purely digital from beginning to end, and almost anything is possible“

-Art Basel Director, Marc Spiegler

YAIR Augmented & Virtual Reality Art

YAIR AR/VR artworks are a collaboration between a great artistic mind and creative technology team.

There are four modes of experience  available, corresponding to four levels of hardware sophistication.  Where possible, each YAIR Artwork experience will cover all four viewing possibilities, but this is can be an artistic decision.  The artist can decide which experiences are capable of communicating their intentions and choose which of the four levels their creation will exist on.


Mobile AR

An AR experience that can be viewed through a capable mobile phone. The phone must posses depth sensing capabilities. The experience involves the user holding up their phone and seeing the artwork overlayed on the world. The user can walk around the artwork, view it and possibly interact with it from all angles and distances.  

Mobile VR

The next level of immersion is available to those who also have a mobile compatible headset like Google Daydream.  This allows the tracking of head rotation and some limited tracking of hand gestures via a controller (3 degrees of freedom).  It allows a viewpoint on the world and some interaction.

VR with six degrees of freedom

This is an immersive VR experiences like HTC Vive or Oculus Rift that allows the user to walk round in a virtual environment and be embodied in an avatar with one to one movement tracking.

AR with six degrees of freedom

This is a powerful VR experiences offered by technologies like Microsoft Hololens and yet to be released Magic Leap goggles. It allows the user to walk around in normal space with a virtual layer overlaid on reality.


The first  and easiest possibility from a hardware perspective is video experience that can be viewed through a mobile phone.  It can also be experienced via  a projector or a smart HD screen device that can run our application.


A brief example of a consumer experience with the mobile application and AR layer, the simplest level of interaction with art on the YAIR platform:

How do I buy and experience some art with YAIR?

I download the YAIR application for my smartphone.  From the application I can browse thumbnails and info about each artwork on the Platform.  I can load the AR feature which shows me on a map where there are publicly posted artworks that I can view.

There is an artwork posted on the street around the corner from my place.  I walk there and when I am in proximity to the artwork I get an alert from the app.  I activate the AR camera mode. and now I can see a Robert Montgomery artwork posted on a wall high above me.

The Robert Montgomery piece intrigues me and I want to own it so I can post it at my place for my friends to see.  I check the price.  A single token is currently trading for 1.4 YAIRs which is the equivalent of € 0.50.

I decide to buy this art.  For this I need to join the YAIR network more formally: a few moments are spent where I enter some identity info and link a payment account.  I make a quick payment for €10 worth of “unbranded” YAIR Tokens.  Now my account is loaded I go back to browsing the Robert Montgomery piece.  A few clicks and I have purchased one art token for 50 cents worth of YAIR.  I now have direct access to the art myself and can post it where I like in the AR Layer.  Looking in my artwork collection on the app I see I now own one work. I see now I also hold an equity % in the artwork.  It is very small but I now I am a collector with some original art in my collection…

When I open the app the following day to post the artwork on the living room wall at home I notice the artwork token has increased in value by 2%.  This is very interesting … the value of my single token has gone up only a cent, but it gets me thinking.  If I had purchased €1000 worth of tokens instead of one 1 would have made €20 overnight … this game of art collecting is getting multidimensional!

In this example the user has been using a blockchain to buy and trade a crypto-asset.  The entire blockchain interaction has all taken place without the user necessarily being aware that they are interacting with a blockchain at all.  The experience has been similar to buying a product from Amazon, with no clunky interactions involving private keys or gas fees. It has taken place on systems that protect the users interests and investments via decentralized  security.



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Infrastructure Roadmap

Art Production Roadmap

Q4 2017

First concept

First whitepaper draft

Q1 2018

2nd, 3rd and 4th concepts and whitepaper drafts

First artists informed of the project

Team assembly begins

Q2 2018

Operational whitepaper finished

First artists LOI agreements signed

Project website developed

Core team assembled

Smart contract development for YAIRdrop begins

Early stage fundraising push

Q3 2018

Team expansion

First art production agreements signed

Token smart contracts development

First artwork production begins

Application development begins

Q4 2018

Project promotion via events such as Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair and Art Basel Miami

First artworks finished and prepared as file packages for IPFS network

Further smart contract and Application Development and testing

Further artwork production begins

Further art production agreements signed

Q1 2019

Alpha version of Applications tested and deployed

Further artworks finished and prepared as file packages for IPFS network

Further artwork production begins

Further art production agreements signed

Q2 2019

Platform launch with media push and opening events and promotion

Further artwork production begins

First I.A.O.s (Initial Artwork Offerings)  and first tokens branded with art

Further art production agreements signed

First consumer interactions of owning, experiencing and trading digital art on YAIR

Q3 2019
and beyond

Scaling out platform capabilities and adoption…

Scaling up artwork production…


Lovis Leonardo Lüpertz

Founder YAIR
Chief Art Officer

Born into the art world as the son of one of the greats,  Leo grew up and sharpened his entrepreneurial skills amidst a large family deeply involved in the international art business.  The Lüpertz family are curating, collecting and creating art at the highest level. Leos network is a key to the success of YAIR.  Leo’s cultivated design aesthetics shape the look and feel of the YAIR project.

LinkedIn Profile

Florian Braeunig

Founder YAIR
Chief Executive Officer

A fearless visionary and a persuasive  personality, Flo has dared to dream big.  He has brought together investment funds and team players to chase dreams such as an experimental island colony in Vanuatu and a charitable arts organisation in Berlin.  He has always been ahead of his time until he came across blockchain and realised a way to bring his passions together with a single focus on the YAIR project.

LinkedIn Profile

Rufus Lane

Founder YAIR
Co-CTO, Communications,
Concept Development,
Web Development

From engineering to philosophy to multimedia technology, Rufus’s education has branched laterally as has his professional growth from designer and web developer for big corporates like PWC and Deloitte to his own development business servicing the Australian arts scene.  In more recent years, following a move to Berlin with his family, Rufus dove into VR development and has been bitten by the crypto-economics bug, for which there is no cure.  He has rolled all that fascination and energy into the YAIR project.

LinkedIn Profile

Hagen Hübel

Web and App Development, Blockchain Development

Growing up in East Germany under communism, Hagen took natively to computers as a form of liberation and grew into an experienced developer, working on Skype development and other high profile projects.
Since blockchain became programmable Hagen has been coding it.  He is an experienced Ethereum developer having coded the systems for some ICO funded projects.  Now he is turning his skills to Aeternity programming for YAIR, drawing on his early grounding with C++.

LinkedIn Profile

Kay Pieper

Financial Advisor

As an  MBA and the CEO of Jan Pieper Asset Management  Kay manages a string of real estate investments from Berlin to Ibiza to Capetown and is plugged into a wide business network. One of the earliest believers in the YAIR project, Kay has paid the bills and put a roof over the teams heads through the lean formative phase.  

Anna Jill Lüpertz

Art and Curation

Anna is a key figure of the Lüpertz family and has spent her whole professional life working hands-on with the biggest galleries and artists  in the world such as Michael Werner  of Berlin and New York.  Anna has more recently become a gallerist herself and advises international art collectors on building strong art portfolios.  Anna’s expertise and relationships are bringing artists at the top of their game to the YAIR platform.

LinkedIn Profile

Laura Braeunig

Head of content / PR

Laura is an active video journalist and social media manager for companies like VICE, dealing with sponsors on their behalf such as Adidas.  More recently she works as a PR Manager for clients such as the Embassy of UAE.  Laura brings her skills at crafting strong narratives to the YAIR Team and is the anchor point for public relations at YAIR.

LinkedIn Profile

Stefan Schulz


Stefan brings deep experience with the entertainment industry and copyright law to the table. As a former CDO of Universal Music and the CEO of Watchever, under  Vivendi, Stefan’s industry knowledge is unmatched.  He is also an advisor for numerous crypto projects including Concert VR, YEAY and Bitfury.

LinkedIn Profile

Hong Yu

YAIR Advisor

Hong is an accomplished contemporary art scholar specialising in  China’s traditional visual legacy: Hong typically advises corporate and individual art collectors from China and internationally.
Hongs role in the YAIR Team is to craft a strategy for moving into the art world of China and South East Asia.

Eric Romba

lindenpartners – YAIR legal team

Eric is a lawyer and partner at lindenpartners
Lindenpartners are legal specialists in crpto-assets and blockchain.

Erics approach to advising his clients is to understand where they wish to go, and develop an attitude together.  The whole paired with pragmatic solutions and entrepreneurial understanding is the key.

LinkedIn Profile

Robert Oppenheim

lindenpartners – YAIR legal team

Robert is a lawyer at lindenpartners since 2013.

As a specialist lawyer, Robert supports banks and financial institutions in all issues of banking supervision and capital markets law. His focus in FinTech Consulting is on Robo-Advice, Crowdinvesting and Payments. In addition, he advise companies Including YAIR in the areas of ICOs, crypto-assets and Blockchain/DLT.

LinkedIn Profile

Heiko Hubertz

YAIR Advisor

Heiko is the founder of Bigpoint, one of the global top 10 developers and publishers of browser and online games.  Since 2002 the computer scientist has been considered a pioneer in the games industry,  working with partners and investors like NBC Universal. He is among the TOP 10 Internet Managers in Germany and has won numerous awards, including the Red Herring Top 100 Europe. Today he supports promising startups and internet projects, including MeetOne, Kreditech, Stuffle, and YAIR as a business angel.

LinkedIn Profile

Emin Mahrt

YAIR Advisor

As the COO of Aeternity Blockchain, Emin brings years of crypto development experience onboard.  Together with his longtime business partner Richard Kirschstein these two native Berliners have found numerous projects including: Abend AG, Missing Link and Proud  Magazin.

LinkedIn Profile

Prof. Markus Lüpertz

YAIR Advisor

“Art is only there for those who are interested in it. Those who aren’t are out of luck.”
Markus Lüpertz is a German Neo-Expressionist whose idiosyncratic paintings and sculptures seamlessly blend figuration and abstraction. Markus is president of the Dusseldorf Art Academy, and a professor in the city of Karlsruhe.  He has had an extensive and sometimes controversial influence in the art world. Lüpertz’s works are held in the collections of The Museum of Modern Art in New York, the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. and the Von der Heydt-Museum in Wuppertal, Germany, among others.

Richard Kirchstein

YAIR Advisor

Richard is a serial founder and business developer. In partnership with Emin Mahrt, they have founded numerous business successes including a token based e-learning platform: Dacade.   The pair were early miners of Bitcoin and other Ethereum which kickstarted their path to many later projects. For Richard this includes investing in his local Berlin neighborhood via a restaurant in Neukolln, and a hotel in Kreuzberg.

LinkedIn Profile

Adina Popescu

YAIR Advisor

Both a philosopher and an entrepreneur, Adina creates platforms that integrate nascent technology in order to generate impact and to empower bottom-up movements. She is the currently launching AERTH, an immersive climate and environmental data platform driven by blockchain technology. Having worked in the mixed reality space since 2012, Adina has a rich knowledge of immersive and interactive technologies. Today, Adina is the founder of SNOWBLACK, a studio for VR & AR technology dedicated to building the future of how we experience content.

LinkedIn Profile



c/o Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park,
Lohmühlenstraße 65,
12435 Berlin  (see on Google maps)

Telefon: +49(0) 1577 2187436


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