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How to solve the biggest problems for art created in digital mediums with one
platform which everybody can trust?

securely yours

Our extensive solution for digital artworks as tokens is based on a fast and secure 3rd generation blockchain


Easy access to mind blowing original art embodied in tokens


Establishing the world’s first media art initiative with equal voting rights on platform development decisions for patrons. Creating the most effective platform for digital arts using blockchain, starts with a small community of top artists, curators and collectors

Starting 09/2019

Joining forces and democratizing decision making to establish a new secure and decentralized standard, is the key to succees over the course of the following years building out a platform where digital art can live on for eternity

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YAIR @ Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park,
Lohmühlenstraße 65, 12435 Berlin
(see on Google maps)

Telefon: +49(0) 1577 2187436
E-Mail: hello@yair.berlin

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